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About Jess the Dessert Geek

Want more videos like the one above? Well you're in the right place!
Hi! I'm Jess, and I've been covering food as a writer, photographer, and person generally up to no good since 2011. I relaunched my YouTube channel Dessert Geek last year, taking my food adventures to the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Right now the travel vlog aspect of the channel is on hold, but I'm still reviewing sweets, holding silly eating shows, and telling you the inside scoop on craft chocolate.

And I'd like to bring you more! More videos, more neat mashups, you name it. Which is why I'm bringing in Patreon. Because it's really not the easiest thing to create videos when you're in doctor offices or sick a lot of the time.

So with Patreon you get more silly food videos, I get to afford physical therapy. It's a win for everyone!

So what do you get out of this, you awesome person you?

More silly things! Join my Patreon, and you'll get to vote on upcoming videos, get your questions answered, and there will be a (likely monthly) livestream schedule once I figure out what a schedule should look like. Also I will likely balance food on my head for your amusement. (I'm really, really good at balancing food on my head.)

Let's do this!
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Yay! First goal met - thank you! This covers most of my regular monthly doctor bills after insurance, and that's a huge help.
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