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Ever since I left the warm embrace of the YouTube network scene and forged ahead on my own, I've struggled with the idea that things would inevitably get harder. While I'm thrilled to be working on my own and creating my own path, I've also seen that with this comes the danger of copyright strikes, demonetization issues, and other traps of the solo YouTube gamer. That said, rather than worry about a video getting flagged, I would rather create a complete entertainment experience.

There are two major goals of this Patreon:.

1. The first donation goal supports animation. Many of you love the Cox n' Crendor animation series. With your help, our animator, Dan, is working full time on a 50-day production schedule. That means you'll have a new Cox n' Crendor every 60 days! In addition, it helps pay for Julian to create Coxtoons and opens up the option of working with other animators in the future.

2. The next donation goal is for a full-time in-house editor. Editing and rendering takes a long time, and when I'm doing that, I'm not recording videos. As the channel grows and changes our editing team will be working hard creating content like the Gentlemen's Hentai Club, The Gentlemen's Gaming Club, Coxtease, Scary Game Squad, and getting Fan Friday back where it's supposed to be.... on Saturday morning. It's because of this patreon that we got to explore crazier ideas like GHC, so thank you!

Any additional funds would go to creating the dream channel I've always imagined. We're talking flying in friends to do Co-op (no more waiting for Crendor to visit to record Outlast 2 for instance), hosting more 24 hour event streams at the office, creating live events both here in LA and in cities near you, and my dream series "Cox n' Crendor show where I take Crendor around to famous old stuff and film it."

With your help, I know we can make some really entertaining and wild Cox content. 

You have my supreme thanks and gratitude for any support you can offer. - Jesse
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Take it to the next level!!! We're about to get into dream channel territory here people. No longer having to worry about if a video itself makes money, I can finally simply create for the sake of creating. Any funds raised in the endeavor to hit this goal will go towards creating more live co-op gaming specials, 24 hour live stream celebrations, fan meetups, live shows in/near your city, and many more Cox n' Crendor based shenanigans. 
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