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is creating new music, art, jewelry, photography.
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About Jessi Lynn

**Be sure you watch the video above!**

We are in the middle of cutting a new studio album, "Watch Me Rise" (which sounds amazing!).  In addition to that, I'm working on an acoustic record that I am cutting in my little home studio. Shocking, right? Two records, yup. Many songs that will not make the cut on either record, will still be released or shared in Patreon. So you get the whole deal, exclusive access. 

As you know, the music industry has been in transition for many years, and artists are just not able to support their music through the sales of records any longer. This means, we all have to move with the times and find alternate ways to support the arts. Enter... Patreon. This is a platform used by artists of all kinds, to connect with their fans, their community while continually working on our art. It's an opportunity for the artist and supporter to join together to put out new work, and share the process as it happens. It's an intimate setting of realness, authenticity and creation in real time. 

One of the things fans expect from me is to do what I have always done... tour. Truth is... I want to focus more on my songwriting. To learn how to be a better songwriter. And to learn the business of publishing and sync licensing. I would love nothing more than for Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church or any of the bigger country singers to cut my songs. I don't want to spend my life on the road touring, never having the time to work on my songwriting, or pursuing bigger placements for my songs. I write more songs than I know what to do with anyway. So... although the expectation is for me to continually tour... that is not my goal anymore. Is it to NEVER tour? Hell no. A couple tours a year, yes... but not touring full time. I want more than that. And every dollar generated from Patreon helps me get closer to the real goal - finding homes for all of these songs. 

As a pledger, you will get full access to all of the online content, no matter what level you pledge at. I want everyone to get to experience this no matter what you can afford. Pledge what you feel confident about contributing to the production of these songs and to the journey it takes us on (you can adjust your pledges up or down whenever you need to). By pledging, you will get access to an exclusive Facebook Group where you get extra behind the scenes fun! From acoustic songs that have just been written, to the edited process of how a song comes to life.

Included will be videos and recorded rehearsal tracks from me and/or the band where I/we work with the songs and bring them to life. You'll get to see how it all goes down in the studio, also with live streaming and video blogs. You'll get to help me choose artwork for different products (Tshirts, hats, etc) and have input in the final Cd(s) design. If you've pledged a total of $100 you will get your name in the credits of the released Cd(s) as long as you are a current Patreon member when the record comes out. I will send you a digital release as long as you are a current Patreon member when the Cd(s) are released. See pledges to get all the details of each tier. 

When/if you pledge $20 per month or above, you will be getting even more access, discounts and occasional physical rewards sent in the mail to you... from new tour merchandise, to original art pieces, fun little trinkets (and whatever inspires me) to send out to you.  There will be live online shows/videos (acoustic, or maybe full band depending how we can set it up so it sounds good). The more you pledge, the better it gets! 

The longer you are a part of Patreon, the more we can accomplish together. I hope that the rewards will be a fun part of this adventure, and that you will enjoy being a part of this process as much as I love having you here with me.

You can raise or lower your pledge as you need to and there is even a "pause" button if you need to pause for a month. You can cancel, or rejoin at any time. And once you sign up, you immediately get access to over 100 entries that are already in Patreon, including many downloadable songs and art pieces. 

It is because of my incredible Patreon members that these songs have been written... recorded... and released. I'd love to have you join in on the journey, if you feel like it's something you would like to support. 



47 of 100 patrons
We are working towards the release of multiple albums this year (2019) and that is the true description of how to "dream bigger". Pledge away and join in on the journey! Every single pledge matters and is greatly appreciated. 
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