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Just the Yolk

A huge THANK YOU, every little bit helps.
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At this level Ravers will be added to the Sponsors List on my twitch channel page, and receive a personal thank you in stream from me, to show off your amazing support and Elite Raver status!

  • Added to the Sponsors List on my Twitch Profile.
  • Personalized Thank You/Shout out, in stream, any time you're viewing (Must leave username so I know who to thank!).
  • Special giveaways! (commences at 10+ participants)
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Join the Murder

When Ravers Join the Murder they get all the previous perks, and a few extras. You'll get an invite to my personal Minecraft Realms server to play on whenever there is availability. If the invite cap is reached I will explore other hosting methods so we can keep growing! You'll also be invited to join me for a gaming session playing a game of your choice! The session will not be during an active stream, though you are welcome to stream the session if you'd like. 

  • Added to the Sponsors List on my Twitch Profile.
  • Personalized Thank You//Shout out, in stream, any time you're viewing (Must leave username so I know who to thank!).
  • Invited to my Minecraft Realms server (on PC. Must leave Minecraft Username for invite).
  • Join me in playing a game of your choice, that we both own, for a guaranteed minimum of 1 hour
  • Limited edition "Raven" sticker.
  • Special giveaways! (commences at 10+ participants)




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Ello' I'm Raven! I am a Twitch streamer who has dabbled in the world of YouTube creating content to share with you. I try my best to play different games as much as I can, and I love to hear suggestions of what games I should play for you. Most of everything I do happens on Twitch, however I have been adding content as I go to YouTube as well.

Still being a "baby" when it comes to my channels I am working with what I have and slowly updating gear when I have the ability to do so. I try to please my viewers as much as I can but sometimes the games you request may just take some time for me to get. With viewer support I would be able to have the ability to not only update my hardware, but also the variety content I can post. Will there be days that I play games I like more than others, yes but I am not opposed to trying what my viewers want me to try. I want to make a channel that is fun for not only myself and those that play with me but most importantly fun for my viewers.

Without you I wouldn't have gotten to where I am now, I know this. That is why I do giveaways as often as I am able to. I have purchased games from steam in packs to use the extra copies as giveaways, xbox gift cards, gold keys and any extra game codes I can get my hands on I give away.

A dream of mine is to have the ability to go to PAX at least once in my lifetime. Not only would this be a great experience but it would also be a huge personal accomplishment. How you ask; I am deathly afraid of flying and large crowds, smaller crowds are difficult for me, and I have never been on a plane due to my fear. This really brings me to why I started these channels, I have anxiety issues and am often plagued with depression. Battling with these things every day is a hard task that causes me not to have many personal friends since I don't leave my house very often; and having a Twitch stream and a YouTube helps me get some communication and involve myself with others. It truly is a self-healing process that helps immensely.

Lastly I want to thank every single one of you, whether you decide to become a patron or not. Every form of support helps from just liking something to subscribing and even just coming to hang out with me on my live streams. You do not have to sponsor to help me and I love any bit of support you have to offer. As I have said before without you I wouldn't be where I am today, I love spending time with each and every one of you!

Much Love to all of my Ravers! <3
Live. Die. Respawn.
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My Ravers that Join the Murder will have access to my Minecraft Realms server, I would like to get it up and running as soon as possible to start building a place for myself and streaming from it. This amount would cover the monthly fee of the server cost.
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