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About No Fate Project

“Where's My Jetpack?!” is a politics and pop-culture podcast with sci-fi and socialist leanings, hosted by Derek Johnson and Ani White. But what do we mean by politics and pop-culture, sci-fi and socialist?

When we say 'politics and pop-culture', this is not simply a podcast about the politics of pop-culture. Although one of us is a dirty Media Studies postgrad, our discussions will not be limited to analysing Game of Thrones (no shade on Game of Thrones). We will also investigate concrete contemporary issues in meatspace, bringing guests on to discuss their areas of knowledge.

By socialism, we mean a project of collective self-determination ultimately transcending class structures and states. By sci-fi, we mean cool spaceships blowing things up. Yet sci-fi also allows us to consider questions of political futurity – what happened to the jetpacks? What happened to the futures our parents were promised? Why weren't we promised much of a future at all?

The podcast is produced by the multimedia 'No Fate' project. 'No Fate' goes both ways, a promise and a warning. In the Terminator franchise it's an optimistic statement about averting the robot nuclear apocalypse; for us, this means the possibility that capitalism can be averted before it wipes out humanity. Yet if “the future is not set”, that also means we can't rely on an inevitable progression from barbarity to civilisation. In the 20th century fascism proved an ugly rejoinder to this notion of inevitable progress, and now we're learning the same grim lesson again. 'No Fate' is both a licence to imagine and make futures, and a reminder that those futures are not guaranteed. Also, Ani has 'No Fate' tattoo'd on their arm and sometimes wears T-shirts on cold nights to show it off.

A short list of topics we plan to cover includes: ongoing revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa, 50s BBC sci-fi serials, fighting nationalism and fascism, masculinity in comics, frontlines of the contemporary union movement, choice mechanics in the Life is Strange games, feminism for the 99%, John Carpenter, contemporary socialist political programme, superheroes getting kicked in the balls, alternatives to Red-Brownism, and Nigerian zombie movies. Basically, this podcast is about everything we find interesting.

If you find these things interesting too, please consider pledging a monthly donation.

Money raised here will go first of all to ongoing costs – for software, recording, storage, hosting and the like – and, once those costs are met, to our own human needs. Contributions will ensure that we can produce a high-quality podcast, and make that a sustainable project. Although we love to talk politics and pop-culture, working on a podcast is work, so if you appreciate what we're setting out to do please contribute what you can.

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