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About Jewelia

Hello, and welcome to my Patreon page!

I’m Jewelia (or Iulia, on my ‘real’ name). I'm an independent singer-songwriter who makes Youtube videos. 

Five years ago, I moved to the UK to pursue my music and study audio production, so I could become better at recording and producing my own music. I was lucky enough to have access to great facilities and to be able to use the university studios, microphones, cameras, etc. Using these, I started to make performance videos and began to build up my YouTube channel.

"Aquarium" was the first song I wrote after moving to the UK. I was lucky enough to have it chosen as the official soundtrack of a mini-series that was shown on Romanian television and screened at film festivals in Rome, LA, and London.

Around that time I also released my first EP, "Monsters", and put out A LOT of videos.

BUT two years ago I graduated, and free access to all these facilities was gone. No more grand pianos and orchestral instrumentalist at my disposal, no more nice cameras. Two years ago I created this Patreon account and asked YOU guys for help, so I can keep making music as I used to. 

And you have helped! Here on Patreon, and with other donations. Over the past couple of years, my Patreon income has fluctuated, but at all times has been extremely helpful and encouraging!

Thanks to the donations of lovely people, I've been able to do things like buying my own decent camera, or buying a green screen, which I used like so (just one example):

With money from donations, I also bought the monitors (the white speakers) you can see in this video, which have improved my mixing tremendously :)

So... I think you get it. With your help, I can simply afford to do more stuff!


Because, if you’ve been following my music and or even if you’re new to it, but you enjoy it, you’re the only ones who care about it! 

With a bit of help, not only I can keep doing what I’m doing, but I can do it better and more often!

I can get my own equipment. 

I can shoot videos in nicer locations and actually spend some budget on props, <g>traveling</g>, and all that, to give you better content.

I can tour, play more gigs and get a full band to support me, and maybe, one day, come play in hometown! 

I can be bolder and more ambitious about my creative projects.

In December I've released my first album, "City of My Mind". It was a huge project, songs featuring lots of instruments, pop horns, string quartets, even a whole orchestra. How did I afford all this?
Because of amazing people like you, who have donated on Kickstarter to make this album possible!

(BTW You can listen to the album here on Bandcamp)

I don't have a label, a booking agent or a manager. 

Everything I do is self-funded, and 90% of the time, self-produced. I write the music, produce it and mix it. I also direct the videos and edit them. 

Add to that finding gigs, admin and social media, and it's a lot of work - which I don't mind doing, as long as I have the time for it. Here's the catch, the more income I make from music, the more time I can afford to spend making music and putting out new content.

And here’s where Patreon comes in.

The way Patreon works is like a subscription service. You can choose the amount that you want to sponsor me with on a monthly basis. Anything, from $1/month to higher, is hugely helpful! Youc an cancel anytime.
Depending on how much you pledge, there are different rewards. But it's mostly a way for you to support me so that I'm able to keep making new music. My songs are out there on Youtube for free. If they ever touched you and you feel like you might want to give something back, this is the place to do it.

THANK YOU for being my audience. I’m looking forward to maybe knowing you better and hopefully, we can all have fun on this music-making adventure!

14% complete
My first goal is $350 per month. When I reach that, I will post at least one Youtube video every other week, as opposed to once a month.
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