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High Five!

$1 /mo
Receive an email regularly (if you want!) with a new artwork and reflection by S. Jewell S. McGhee.
Receive access to patron only section of my patreon page.

Piggy Back ride!

$3 /mo
Gain access to what's coming next!
What are the plans, thoughts and pet projects I'm working on... I will keep you clued in!
(as well as the above rewards!)

You can borrow my bike...

$10 /mo
something special and cool that may involve a postage stamp
(as well as the above rewards!)

I'll drive you over...

$20 /mo
A peronally agreed upon exchange of appreciation and/or stuff.  Sometimes it hand written letters or art prints, but I work to make sure it fits you personally!

Flying high!

$100 /mo
You choose my path.  You get control over what I am working on. I will do a drawing or a painting based on your interests and I will provide you with a print of the piece.