Artemis Games are creating Jigsaw Fantasy, Roleplaying game (RPG) materials


$1 /creation
You may have your name in the credits as a Philanthopist, and we will keep you informed about the running of the project, so you can pick up all our free pieces  and grab those special ones you wan...


$3 /creation
All the new Jigsaw Fantasy releases in digital format, a minimum of 20 pages per month - a month before they become available for sale.

Additionally you get one vote on what piece is...



$5 /creation
In addition to getting the new pieces, you get to decide which pieces we make. Each month 3 pieces will be put on a poll for next months main piece, and you get THREE votes on which gets made.


$8 /creation
Not only do you want the new stuff and 3 Votes you want to catch up on what we've done before. Each month pick one PDF from our back catalogue of Jigsaw Fantasy and Concept Cards to receive.