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About Jim Jesus

We're back!

I create lots of different content around the internet. Most notably The Lolberts Podcast and my Jim Jesus YouTube channel. But did you also know I co-host a livestream show about movies and pop culture called Recording N' Progress? (note: the Patreon for that is coming soon. That's Larry's thing, not mine.) We know why you're really here though. You're here for the Patreon-only podcasts where I sit in my car and hate on crappy kids movies.

This channel is a little different than most libertarian content you see around these parts. We're not strict devotees of things like the the non-aggression principle, Austrian Economics, or any of the libertarian Buddhas we meet along the road. We're more interested in perusing truth, exposing frauds, and having a laugh while the world burns. We also like Coke Zero and Swedish snus. Like, a lot. So keep those donations coming because 2-litres and portions don't buy themselves, you know.

Until we hit 50 Patrons, all of you will get credits in podcasts and videos we make if you donate a dollar a month or more and you will get exclusive access to all content behind the paywall. Things will change after then but rest assured that the car/Q&A podcasts will always be available to the dollar or more (unless Patreon increases the minimum which I can't control)

The money raised from Patreon mostly goes back into what we do here. Mostly paying for things like software licenses, server hosting, equptment, and sips.

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