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Ceorl: The ċeorles of Anglo-Saxon times lived in a largely free society, and one in which their fealty was to the king.

  • Username at end of credits.
  • High support priority.
  • Ceorl Discord permissions.
  • Early access to the things.
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Thane: The term thane was commonly applied to aristocratic retainers of a king or senior nobleman.

  • Username at middle of credits.
  • Higher support priority.
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  • Early access to the things.
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Ealdorman: A man of high status, including some of royal birth, whose authority was independent of the king.

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  • Highest support priority.
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Hey i'm Jim... I do the things...

Right now i'm working on Blender add-ons for both general and game asset creation. I also make mods for games though that has taken a backseat for now while i cement a solid online career to provide for my daughter whom i look after by myself.

I can do many of the things though... i'll list some of my work experience...

  • Specialist Detail Painter (Houses, Boats, Cars, Murals, Model Armies, Theatre Scenery)
  • Writer (Songs, Scripts, Stories)
  • Tattooist (Amateur)
  • Actor/Director (Amateur)
  • Photographer/Cameraman (Amateur)
  • Photo/Video Editor (GIMP, Photoshop, Resolve, Blender VSE)
  • 3D Character/Environment Artist (Blender)
  • Animator (Blender, Maya) - I don't use Maya anymore...
  • Programmer (Python, Lua, C++, JS, CSS, HTML)
  • Game Developer (Unreal Engine, Godot, Unity) - I don't use Unity anymore...
  • Farm Boy (Sheep, Cows, Cereals, Vegetables, Fruit)

Patron Benefits:

At the moment i cannot provide many reliable benefits other than these, once i have a bit more free time i'll go back to doing more regular free things for my wonderful supporters and add some more higher tiers with greater rewards.

Free Things: I will randomly make a patron only post containing free animations, meshes, scripts, projects or whatever i have the time to make for my patrons. The post will be pinned and available until i next giveaway free things.

Discord Priority: I have a Discord server with specific roles for patrons, there are patron only text channels and voice channels which i will be watching ready to help them all out with anything they might need! Higher tiers get access to the higher priority channels.

End Credits: 
When i upload a YouTube video or publish anything anyone who is currently a patron will have their username put in the credits.

Early Access:
Get early access to content updates for all of my things whenever they are ready, help me find those bugs and get to use them before they go public.

37 of 50 patrons
When i reach 50 patrons i will become a gold level Blender Development Fund supporter! ($30 per month)
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