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I am grateful to you both for consuming my work and for at least considering patronizing my work, and there are a few rewards that I am offering for your patronage.  The best uses of my talents and abilities don't fit neatly into a paid job or business, and I wish to use my talents to the fullest.

I have several videos - narrated slide shows of my photographs, really - that explain what I do and why I do it.  If you don't have the time or the inclination to watch all of them in order to make a decision on whether to patronize my work, that is understandable, and the below introductory video might be all that you need.

As a person with a curious and inquisitive personality who loves to learn and to teach, I have long done photography work of various subjects, I have been interested in railroads since I was old enough to know what they were, and railroads have been conduits through which I have learned so much about the rest of the world.

Reading Trains magazine as a child, I was inspired by the imagery in those pages, and I have been exploring the world through the lenses of my cameras since I was old enough to drive an automobile.  Here is a short narrated slide show that explains my railroad photography and how it can educate about so many things.

Through my writings and my photography, I explore, educate, and inquire about various themes, but especially those of geography, economics, philosophy, and history, often related to railroads, nature, transportation, architecture, and what might be called "industrial archaeology"; every train is a potential lesson in geography and a potential lesson in economics, as are all pieces of evidence of human endeavors.

I was a school-teacher, I mostly self-identify as a "geography teacher," and what I love about geography is that it is literally the study of everything!  I now teach through my own pictures and writings, my own blog articles (well, gosh dern, my website is down right now, and it looks like I'll need to pay a professional coder to fix it) and such, but I don't get the salary that I did when working in a classroom; that's why I need your help ensuring that I can continue doing this!

So, now, I want to teach, through photography and writing, and I want to essentially give away to the entire world the fruits of the work that I do, but, in order for me to do that, I need to be able to eat, all of which is the subject of the next video.

Video #4 is mostly for anyone who needs an explanation of how Patreon works and how it would help enable the work that you see here.

As a general practice, I do not reveal the identities of my patrons, primarily because I figure that that's their information more than it is mine; if you become a patron, feel free to either tell the entire world or keep it a secret.

Another topic about which I shall write is that which can not-really-accurately be described as "education reform." I was a really good school-teacher for about five years, and then, not completely unlike many other young teachers, I suffered a precipitous burnout; it was a perfect storm. Right at about the time that I got to a point at which I felt like I was as good at being a school-teacher as I would ever get, right as I was thinking that I wanted to do other things with my time and talent, the world around me was also changing with information technology, and it heightened my awareness of another issue with public education as we know it: that of the factory model of education.

Video #5 is on the subject of being a teacher.

It's way too much to describe here in this description, but, with my newfound awareness, I came to feel that sticking around in the classroom constituted me being part of the problem, that to change the system I had to leave the system; it was a very difficult experience, full of plenty of dissonance, as teaching was - and remains - so critical to my own identity, and I have struggled to find my way in the world since then, but a growing number of people have suggested Patreon to me, which is why you're reading this!

The next video explains so much of the work that I wish to do and can't do now without your contribution, including a couple of big photography projects and the release of some music videos, one of which is already completed!  Why can't I release the music video now?  The answer is in the video.

For a long time, people who have liked my photography have said "you should sell your pictures."  How?  As prints?  Most of the pictures have value to viewers but aren't the types of images that they'd want on their walls, I don't want to focus just on the 1% of the images that meet those criteria, and the efforts spent trying to print, frame, and sell the images take up plenty of time that isn't spent making the images; to me, all of that is a big waste of creativity, and I'd rather just make the images and post (non-print-size) versions of them on the internet for the world to see!

So, please, support me so that I can use my talents to the fullest and share the results with the world.  Thank you.

I can be reached at [email protected]

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