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    (These news might partly be posted at JinGames as well, as Status Info post summarized at a point but not everything.)
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    Basically these votes won't be just regular votes on what I should work on, but the votes that can decide the future directly of the mods 
  • Get access to our exclusive members' area on Discord where we can discuss mods and other projects in detail. Provide personal feedback or make suggestions 
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About JinGames


JinGames was created by JinRyuu and is currently led by me, his younger brother, Ben.

JinGames has several Minecraft mods and the most popular work is Dragon Block C.
And to mention a few others: Naruto C, Family C, Years C, HD skins, Sword Art Online C.

More than 2 years ago JinRyuu also released an alpha version of Dragon Artifact as a browser game, though this is not a good example of his goals.

What do you get?

By pledging to me I can give you some exclusive info or insights on what is happening around me and my mods, or whatever you want to know actually.
The Discord roles are for the JinGames discord server.
Also by pledging more, I will give you the power to decide on the future of JinGames and my mods!
Votes in Patreon will not just be simply considered, BUT will be viewed as the way to go!

There will be more rewards later on, and I will want to ask your opinions on what more rewards would you want to pledge for.

Please Note!
Don't forget that the rewards will be given after the month ends, the transactions are successful and within the first 8 days in each new month.
And every rewards only work for that specific month in which there is a successful transaction!

Why support me?

I work on my mods and on everything connected to it like my websites and servers. While I have some income from ads on my websites, the past years the traffic has been decreasing drastically, ever since the servers and modpacks started to spread more and more. Yet the costs of services are increasing because even JinGames is growing with features, sites, etc. but sadly it’s not growing with visitors and I still could go on about this but that’s not the point here. 

But by all means Respect to the couple of servers who ARE trying to help me and JinGames where ever they can.

The past years I tried everything I could so I can continue working on the mods. As a result the past year, there was not so much progress as I wanted because I had to concentrate on finding ways so JinGames won’t die and I can continue work on the mods as well.

And here comes Patreon to the scene.
Finally I might be able to accept Patreon income as well! It took years but hopefully I will be able to handle it now.
I hope that using Patreon could bring me and JinGames to the next level, motivate me to keep going further and create more.

Also I can get closer to my dreams and continue working on what I love.

Our Discrod Channels

» JinGames ➝ https://discord.gg/54mDQkf
» DBC Server ➝ https://discord.gg/wfGu2xa


» Everything can be found at http://jingames.net
» The main blog ➝ http://main.jingames.net
» Downloads ➝ http://dl.jingames.net

Social media

» Youtube ➝ https://youtube.com/JinRyuuNagy
» Twitter ➝ https://twitter.com/JinRyuu_Nagy
» Facebook ➝ https://www.facebook.com/JinRyuusMinecraftMods
» Twitch ➝ https://www.twitch.tv/jinryuunagy
52% complete
I try to stream now and then but If we reach this goal I'll try to get myself to stream at least every 2 weeks or monthly.
Streaming some games or just talking about plans and such.
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