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About Jo Graham

The stories I tell

Enter a world where gods speak through their mortal avatars, heroes battle impossible odds for justice and mercy, and love is eternal across many lives.  Wait -- that's our world, for those who have eyes to see it.  From the ruins of burning Troy to the depths of the Great Depression, through the palaces of Ancient Egypt and the battlefields of the Wars of Revolution, there is enchantment in every stone and magic behind each door.  This is the Numinous World, setting of my historical fantasy novels.  They include the Locus Award nominated Black Ships, Hand of Isis, Stealing Fire, The General's Mistress, The Emperor's Agent and The Ravens of Falkenau, as well as the Order of the Air series written with Melissa Scott, which brings the story into the 20th century.  

There are many stories in the Numinous World that haven't been told yet.  Some are forthcoming as novels, but there are also many short stories and scenes that don't quite fit into one of the books.  Maybe they're a scene from the point of view of someone other than the main character -- for example, a scene from Michel's point of view rather than Elza's -- or maybe they didn't quite fit the narrative -- too much of a tangent about Dion.  Maybe they're a piece of backstory -- I know who Stasi really is and what happened to her first husband, but that's not something that's come to light in the Order of the Air.  Or a piece of "forestory" -- I've written Elza on the Retreat from Moscow even though that's eight years after the events of The Emperor's Agent.  Or maybe it's a piece that fits between books rather than into one neatly -- who was the one of Lydias who had in the past been a priestess in the Black Land and knew how to activate the sphinxes that guarded the border?  What happened to Lydias after the events of Stealing Fire?  Those are the stories I'd like to share with you.  

Why Patreon?

Historical fantasy is very time consuming to write.  Whether I'm writing about the campaigns of Alexander the Great or air racing in the Great Depression, whether my setting is Paris in the 18th century or New Orleans in 1933, making it real demands meticulous research and attention to detail.  However, like most writers, I also have to do other work for money.  One thing I do is technical writing for education under a different name.  The more time I need to spend doing that, the less I have for research and writing fiction.  I am hoping that subscribers to my Patreon account will allow me to take on less technical writing work so that I can spend more time on the Numinous World.  A big historical novel like Black Ships really requires six months of concentrated time, and while only the highest of my goals would get me there, each goal met will result in more books in the Numinous World and the Order of the Air.

What You'll Read

With the first goal met, each month I will post at least 1,000 words of unpublished fiction from The Numinous World -- Gull, Charmian, Lydias, Elza, Georg, or others of their lives, or tales of other characters in their stories.  With the second goal, I'll add another 1,000 words monthly from the Order of the Air.  The third goal met will add a third sketch, and the fourth will mean that I can also add a monthly chapter of the new novel I will then have time to work on!  Additionally, if there are patrons at a high enough level to request stories about specific characters, those stories will appear here as well.  

Embark with me across a wide, dark ocean.  For as little as the price of renting a movie once a month, you can have new stories in a world more numinous, an enchanted world that may be waiting just outside your door.  Thank you for being part of my life, and for this gift of magic.

$145 of $200 per month
One sketch or scene of 1,000 words set in the Numinous World, plus a second 1,000 words from the Order of the Air or one of my other projects.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 45 exclusive posts
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