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About JoanCheri_Art

     On March 3rd, 1986 around 7pm I was born in Philadelphia, PA. Now, after 33 years I’ve finally realized my purpose is greater than me.

I was created to create, and I thank God for my gift and helping me to overcome my circumstances to fulfill my purpose. I’m forever thankful, grateful and blessed to experience another year and eternally grateful for my parents for giving me life.

I wanted to move to NY to pursue my dreams as a fashion designer. So, I applied to FIT’s fashion design program in 2008. Along with submitting my application, I was required to develop a capsule collection and construct 3 garments to present to the head of the Fashion Design program. At the time, I had no clue how to sew 😩 So, I immediately enrolled in sewing classes to learn and develop my portfolio. I drove to NY with 1 suit jacket, 1 skirt and a top that I constructed by hand. I remember waiting for hours to present my collection in an auditorium filled with extremely talented artists and designers.

I was so intimidated and nervous af because I knew my garments were amateur. When it was my turn they reviewed my collection asked me a few questions and within a few short minutes of debate they told me my collection was good but not good enough so keep creating and try again next year 😞. I was so devastated and discouraged from my Dreams...all of the time, energy and money I spent to learn how to sew, just to be told NO! So I ended up getting a retail job at my local mall 🤷🏽♀️ That following year I had a conversation with a close friend who encouraged and motivated me to apply to the top 5 Art Schools in the U.S and that year, to my surprise I was accepted to Parsons New School for Design.

Never give up, you only fail when you stop trying! Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

“Every Artist was once an Amateur”....Trust your Journey and Believe you’re deserving of your Dreams! No matter how many obstacles and how many times you’re told no, keep pushing because nothing comes easy! & Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with positive, nourishing, uplifting people! People who believe in you and encourage you to go after your dreams and applaud your victories.

-- JoanCheri_Art

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