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Title: Gheila The Witch of the Black Woods

Synopsis: Kimberly  - a young woman becomes a witch after a tragedy, found by an old witch (Gheila), nursed to care and taken in by Gheila. Together they live off the grid in a cottage in black mountains of Romania. With magic and a desire to help the world Ghelia and Kimberly travel to different locations in each series of  the books to blend in and help solve the issue that's facing teens. 

With a crystal ball Gheila and the young woman sense when theirs an isue that needs their attention. 

Each book is a lesson 

The young woman learns from all the old books, recipes and life lessons from Gheila. 

Every story has a tough issue that needs to be addressed in the world today and then a positive ending of how the issue can be resolved.

Issues to address:
1. Obesity - fueling your body with good natural food
2. Bullying
3. Lying
4. Drugs
5. Alcohol
6. Not obeying parents
7. Running away
8. Laziness 
9. Not being a good sportsmen
10. Not studying school work
11. Being wasteful
12. Being a good steward
13. Being kind - showing gratitude 
14. Shy - building self confidence and self esteem
15. Taking the best care of your body - total wellness
16. Choose your friends wisely
17. Being assertive and helping others
18. Finding your talent - don't compare yourself to others
19. Look outside of your community - learn geography and about the world and other cultures
20. Relationships - finding someone who values you, not pressures you or talks down to you
21. Goals and taking action
22. Learning to take time for yourself at a early age - meditation / yoga / exercise
23. Be brave
24. Don't judge others by outward appearance
25. Learn a new language
26. Read ALOT and many different genres
27. Creativity
28. Holidays and gifts - giving gifts from the heart and showing love even when when its not a holiday
29. Death
30. Divorce
31. Step parents And Step brothers and sisters
33. Boarding school
34. Middle school - getting ready to go with confidence
35. Doing your best at everything you do
36. Having a rotten attitude
37. Patience
38. Learn from your parents - spend time with them
39. Plan ahead but live for today
40. Pride
41. Don't follow the crowd
42. Chores - if you don't have any create some
43. Growing your own garden from plastic bottles
44. Bad dreams
45. Better toys
46. Power of words, hurtful words
47. Get put in nature
48. Ride a horse
49. Volunteer
50. Love your sisters and brothers
51. Enough electronics and Internet
52. Making crafts
53. Knitting and the hook thing I like... Making a winter hat
54. Learning where things come from - agriculture
55. Litter bug - Littering, being a good citizen
56. Elegance is best
57. Proper handshake
58. Being polite and respectful to elders
59. Do something kind for a stranger
60. Public transportation
61. Happiness
62. The problem with labels
63. Stand up for the outsiders - school bullying
64. Take care of your pets first - they eat, then you eat, do they have water?
65. Let gossip be history. Don't involve at all
66. Drink water - cut out the sugar
67. Dear diary - journaling
68. Meditation
69. Swimming - a necessary life skill
70. Explore your curiosity - go exploring, hiking, discover your world
71. LGBT
72. Learn to cook and take care of yourself and family 

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