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Thank you to all our supporters. For those of you understanding now why you need to support our important work, please take a few moments to read on ....

Why We Fight

We stand at a crossroads. The forces of darkness are more powerful today than they have been in living memory. I am a warrior with fire in his heart. I am engaged in a relentless struggle of life or death. You understand the importance of this struggle. You also make sacrifices to help us win this fight. 

The people are worth fighting for. Our children will inherit whatever remains of this planet, and the change begins today and it begins with us. 

I will not rest until the fight for freedom, justice, and revolution has been won. I have worked hard to develop my skills to become a more effective fighter. Others have joined me in my fight, as I have joined others

In supporting me, you also support a whole platoon of soldiers.

We have built a movement and a team who share our values and work tirelessly for everything that must be done. We are highly disciplined, focused, and resolute. 

You too have a choice to make. Together we can make a difference. Please support my work in any way you can.

We have built Fort Russ News and other related projects. 

We have moved beyond the left/right paradigm, but haven't left anyone behind along the way. You are with us regardless of how you see yourself. 

Who I am

I am Joaquin Flores - an experienced political organizer, educator, and analyst of geo-strategy and international relations. I also have a strong background in grass-roots community organizing; being an effective communicator and a reliable organizer of work, projects, and people.

I began my life's work as a fighter for worker's rights and socio-economic justice in Los Angeles in 1991, where as a teenager my passion for these issues led me to understand the role of solidarity, strategy, and organization in making a lasting impact on society. 

I have humbled myself before the great men and women who have walked my path before me. I am inspired by the tremendous work of my mentors and heroes. The repressive political climate in the U.S made practical living unreasonably difficult. Harassed by the FBI and the LAPD, I made another choice, a choice to leave. I have retreated to higher ground, a more defensible position. 

I am now an expatriate living and working in Belgrade, Serbia. This region will also likely be the flashpoint of any future major global conflict. I am here, along with others, ready for it. Some of the things I, we, have done here can't be written about for many years to come. We believe you'd be proud and encouraged if you knew. Statutes of limitation have to pass. But we can say there's been lots of organized solidarity from Belgrade to the Donbass. 

On my journey, I also began to realize that the answers to the problems we face are not easy. This world has many mysteries and truths obscured from our sight. There is much more to humanity and the human experience than can be explained away by the present paradigm. The forces of darkness have forced upon humanity a stunted vision of human potential. With an open mind and heart, this has led me to broaden my scope, and has opened my eyes to what is possible and what is necessary.

What you will be contributing to with Patreon

You will be contributing to a good deal of work already in progress, and new and exciting projects yet to come. 

We have proven results. The Center for Syncretic Studies has hosted global conferences, advised other teams of activists and developed their projects, and distributed high quality peer review journals such as the Journal for Eurasian Affairs and the upcoming Journal for Syncretic Studies.

Fort Russ is our daily newspaper, online since 2014 with 100,000 daily reads. We produce top quality journalism, analysis, translations, and op-eds from the world's hotspots and from some of the best writers out there today. Not the same, though talented, syndicated readers one can find anywhere else. We have a unique editorial line, and a superior filter that allows us to cut through the noise and understand the information we are filtering within the context of Fourth Generation Warfare in the area of the Information war. 

We have proven our capacity to deliver. Your sustained help will allow us to focus on this work more effectively

I have given public lectures across Europe, and been a panelist in official public educationals, endorsed and attended by representatives of the consular offices of Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Tunisia, and Iran, on the subject of the US led war against Syria, being supportive of the Syrian people and their duly elected government. I became a regularly appearing analyst of current events on PressTV, Russia Today (RT), and also on Al Etejah from Lebanon and Iraq, as well as regularly giving analysis on various other popular webcasts and podcasts in new media.

I presently serve as the Editor in Chief of Fort Russ News. I served as the President of the Berlin based NGO, the Independent Journalist Association for Peace (AJKF). In my capacity at AJKF, I raised and gave over $100,000 in grants for research and investigative journalist projects to grant winners - independent journalists and analysts who otherwise would not have been able to carry out their important work.

Until March of 2017, I served as the copy-editor and political consultant on American Affairs for the Katehon think tank, and had the honor to serve under notable Russian political figures and theoreticians such as Sergei Glaziev and Alexander Dugin.

All of this I managed to do without turning to the public for support. Since January of 2017, Google and its Adsense subsidiary have declared open war on independent journalists and analysts. Fort Russ has suffered an over 70% reduction in ad revenues which pay for journalists' work, as a result.

But we are not giving up the fight. For more on this story, please read this here:

A Critical Letter to Fort Russ Readers

Imagine what I can do with your support!

Warm regards,

Joaquin Flores
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To live, eat, meet my obligations, and continue to produce. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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