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I write informative answers to questions asked on Quora. You can find my answers at:  

Since I want my writing to be as informative and helpful to readers as possible, much of it requires extensive research and photography. I insert as much detail as I can into my writing without it becoming boring for my audience. Since I don't know how much subject specific knowledge my readers have and explicitly defining every term can be distracting, I make extensive use of hyperlinking in my writing so possibly unfamiliar terms can be easily looked up with only the click of a mouse. When necessary, I also record YouTube videos to support my writing if a demonstration of a particular technique or item is needed and simple photography won't suffice.

I also make it a point to be as apolitical as possible when discussing technical topics involving firearms. There is no reason why politics need to be brought up unless politics had a direct role in the design process of a particular item or dictate how certain tasks need to be accomplished. This makes much of my content palatable to a very wide audience.

As much as I enjoy what I do, my writing requires a significant time investment. It is a full time job. Furthermore, I want my written content to be freely available to everybody because I want as many people as possible to benefit from my content and I don't like paywalls. Donations allow me to pay bills and keep creating content. Even as little as a dollar a month makes a larger difference than you think. If donors wish me to create specific content or steer my content in a certain direction, I am more than willing to discuss the specifics of these requests. Feel free to email me at: [email protected] or contact me through Quora. I appreciate hearing from people who support me and I'm responsive to feedback.
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