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With your support you may feel free to see the world of Zebra Girl hidden just behind those horrible balloons! Liberate the comic from the oppression of words.  I'll e-mail you a version of each page on mute.
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Gain the respect of Joe England, a timeless treasure.  And, of course, the abiding satisfaction of making the world a finer place to live in by encouraging artistic endeavor.  Also, in addition to the wordless comic, you'll be able to order the volumes of Zebra Girl in eBook format (as soon as they start existing)!
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You'll get wordless comics, my gratitude, and all the volumes of Zebra Girl as e-books (again, as they come into being)!  Also, I'll remember you in my prayers!  Probably!  Possibly.
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Now you can also ask Joe to doodle you up a picture of your preferred Zebra Girl cast member making a face at the camera or being sexy or just standing still or something!  They'll be your helpless doodled puppets!
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On top of all the other goodies you can now ask Joe to write a charming vignette about something!  Yes! Charming vignette?  Anyone?  Charming vignette!  A short story set in Zebra Girl's universe with the subject matter of your choice.  Where did Professor Broadshoulders do his laundry?  Does Zandra clean her hooves?  What kind of pet names do Crystal and Wally make up for each other?  Does Mr. Collywobble have a pleasant family life?  Ask a question!  Have a charming vignette!
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Along with the rest of the rewards you'll now be the subject of a video from me to you, a personalized congratulations for your outstanding generosity.  A monument!  For all of humanity to know your name.  I guarantee that I won't sit perfectly still and silent the whole time!  And I know how much it means for you to see my fabulous face in motion.  A hunnerd bucks, that's how much!