Joe England is creating Zebra Girl

$1 /mo
With your support you may feel free to see the world of Zebra Girl hidden just behind those horrible balloons! Liberate the comic from the oppression of words.  I'll e-mail you a version of each pa...

$5 /mo
Gain the respect of Joe England, a timeless treasure.  And, of course, the abiding satisfaction of making the world a finer place to live in by encouraging artistic endeavor.  Also, in addition to ...

$15 /mo
You'll get wordless comics, my gratitude, and all the volumes of Zebra Girl as e-books (again, as they come into being)!  Also, I'll remember you in my prayers!  Probably!  Possibly.

$25 /mo
Now you can also ask Joe to doodle you up a picture of your preferred Zebra Girl cast member making a face at the camera or being sexy or just standing still or something!  They'll be your helpless...

$50 /mo
On top of all the other goodies you can now ask Joe to write a charming vignette about something!  Yes! Charming vignette?  Anyone?  Charming vignette!  A short story set in Zebra Girl's universe w...

$100 /mo
Along with the rest of the rewards you'll now be the subject of a video from me to you, a personalized congratulations for your outstanding generosity.  A monument!  For all of humanity to know you...