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Hi! I’m Joe Sondow, an independent writer, artist, computer programmer, and performer, making entertaining stuff for people who like the things I like. One of those things is Star Trek. Over the past few years I’ve been writing some Twitter accounts that have grown popular, including @PicardTips@RikerGoogling, and @WorfEmail. I also run @StarTrekHour, a weekly hashtag-based public discussion about Star Trek. My accounts have been featured by Geek & SundryUproxx, Jezebel, Entrepreneur, Mashable, George Takei, and a bunch of personal blogs and articles. @RikerGoogling fans have made awesome Riker Googling Halloween costumes and a custom-coded search page.

I also make Twitter game and art bots such @EmojiAquarium, @EmojiMeadow, @EmojiTetra@EmojiTetraFast, @EmojiSnakeGame, @EmojiPrincesses, and @TinyPettingZoo, to try to make Twitter a more enjoyable experience and less of a hellscape.

Some fans have expressed a desire to tip me for bringing some laughs and inspiration to their daily routine, and I have nothing against money, so I figured I’d put up a Patreon page to let people donate if they’d like to. I sincerely appreciate the fact that people read my work and enjoy it enough to share it with their friends. If you get enough enjoyment from my work that you’d like to encourage me to keep it up by giving me money each month, then you have my overwhelming gratitude.

I wanted to keep this page pretty short, so I put all my rambling disclaimers and whatnot over on my blog.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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