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is creating Fantasy Art, Character Drawings, and RPG Game Assets

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An awesome way to support my work. Thank you. You'll get access to my Patreon activity stream, where I will post what I'm currently studying, and what I'm currently working on.

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More detailed work, role-playing game characters that I've drawn for friends and patrons, and special patron-only color variants of select works. 

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Line art sketches of your original characters at the rate of one a month. You'll have to request the drawing, and give me details of what you want. Sketches may be a little rough.




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My name is Joel Evans, I am an illustrator and graphic artist.

What you'll find here: At the moment, you'll find portraits, fantasy art, and fan art.

What you'll get: I am making a Role-Playing game in my spare time, and as I am working on my game part-time, patrons can request art assets such as drawings of their original characters (such as your character in Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or any game, in any art style), geographic (I.E. World Setting) maps in a variety of styles, map tiles (custom map tiles for your game, setting, campaign, or if you just want a castle floor map with your name on the royal crest), concept art (such as drawings of relics from your original campaign), and sometimes patrons can even request work from me helping to make their own games a reality.

What I need: I need money to buy food, buy art supplies, better equipment, and more reference material to learn from so I can improve my work. If I can make 500 or so dollars a month making the art that I love, I will be able to support myself and set the stage to actually attend an art school on my own terms. The secondary benefit to this will be that I can maintain my sanity and maybe eat food.
$69.68 of $100 per month
Wow. I'll definitely be able to afford a fancy digital pen. I may be able to get a document scanner for my larger works and canvases. I will be able to afford a decent graphics card for digital photo editing, and I will be able to work in extremely large and detailed resolutions for the images I post.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts

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