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I really appreciate it and I will use it for materials exclusively. 
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Thanks, this really helps me getting stuff I need for the videos! You are really generous.
Yippee! You are really generous.
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Not many people are generous enough to give 10$ as a tip. I will use that money to buy things I will turn into FEATURES! Thanks.




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About Jörg Sprave - The Slingshot Channel

Welcome to my Patreon Page! In case you don't know me, I am Jörg Sprave, a German, lover of all things that shoot or cut. I am fascinated by all kinds of weapons and I do own plenty of them, but my true calling is the design and construction of home made launchers. 

My YouTube channel was started in 2009 and has grown quite substantially. I was even a full time YouTuber for a while, but the adpocalypse forced me to get a job again and do YouTube as a hobby only. 

So this is now just a tip hat - I will spend every cent you guys give me here for materials I will be using in my videos, that are now non monetized, non sponsored and even in the Public Domain.

As I have no more time for doing anything special, there are no perks, sorry for that! But I promise I will be working hard to keep you guys entertained WITH FEATURES...

Thanks, and greetings from Germany.
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With that much money on top of my job salary, I can go crazy in the hardware store!
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