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So, here goes.
I am a musician, producer, audio editor and bass/guitar/ukelele instructor.
I perform with several acts in the San Francisco Bay Area. 95% of the time it is bass (electric and upright).
I also have a project of my own that involves me singing and playing acoustic guitar, and occasionally I'll play drums. One of those acts is BMA nominated blues singer Paula Harris, just so you know I do quality work...
I got my first film score credit earlier this year for a short film called "Imagine". I did some sound design cut to frame, co-wrote and performed a song with my client. The film got an award of recognition at the 2016 Indiefest film festival. Better than a poke in the eye!
I have a studio in Mountain View. There, I record music of my own and for others, produce a podcast called "Too Hard To Swallow" and do lessons.
I work for a production company that produces a financial retirement planning show. I edit raw audio of hosts reading the scripts and produce "dividers" for the show.
Finally, I've been the bass instructor at Gryphon in Palo Alto since 1994. As of 2015 I also teach bass, guitar and ukelele at The Castro Valley School of Music.
Looks like I am busy, huh?
Well yea, I am. However, as stated above I am in the SF Bay Area, one of the most expensive places to live in the country. Survival as an artist has become pretty difficult. This is why I am on Patreon.
I need to be able to keep my studio so I can do all of these things. I would like to upgrade my Pro Tools software. Pro Tools is the recording software that I use for music, editing and the podcast. I could also use a few more "plug ins" that aid in production. A couple of nice microphones and a better mic preamp are also desired.
I'm still brainstorming ideas for reward incentives. First thoughts are access to videos of the creation process for music and the podcast (I create a lot of short musical segments specifically for the podcast, affectionately known as "snorgs". Maybe, you could name a snorg for me!)
The patrons that help me reach my first milestone of $500 (my monthly studio rent) will be displayed in my Hall of Fame!
Anyway, this is my first draft description. I'm sure updates will follow as things start to roll forward and I get acquainted with the way things work 'round here.
$83.03 of $600 per month
My studio rent!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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