John A. McColley is creating Logicians of Ambervale, a sci fi novel

A Riffle Through the Pages

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  • Access to patron-only content - I'll blog as regularly as I can with three small children running about. I'll shoot for weekly. Plus snippets of my current works in progress.
  • Sneak ...

A Voice in the Darkness

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  • High-quality downloads (.jpg, .mp3) - I will post an audio or video blog, likely once a month, possibly more if it turns out people will listen. This may include bits of stories, backgroun...

Even More Words

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  • As they come up,(I'm looking at quarterly) you'll get the most recent digital and print novel or collection.
  • Signed digital poster- as available, I'll put out full resolution covers...

Previewers - The Future is Yours!

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  • Early downloads of all releases- before ebooks become available, you'll have access to the Advanced Reader Copies. (This would also be a great way to prepare reviews for release day. Author...