John C Wright

is creating LOST ON THE LAST CONTINENT, a high flown pulp adventure serial

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About John C Wright

An internet magazine hired me to write stories in the mood of old fashioned pulps, back when stories were fun.

The first was to be a cosmic-scale Space Opera in the fashion of 'World Wrecker' Hamilton. The second was to be a Planetary Romance adventure, following the footsteps of Edgar Rice Burroughs or Otis Adelbert Kline. Each was to run in fifty or so weekly episodes of two-thousand words.

However, the magazine folded and returned the rights to me. It is my wish to bring these tales to my fans directly.

The Space Opera is called  SUPERLUMINARY.

It concerns an imperial family of mad scientists who use the superscience of a lost race of Forerunners to control the fundamental forces of the universe, and rule the human race with a rod of iron. Only the youngest son of the queen ruling planet Venus, a youth named Aeneas, dares to oppose them. But he will soon discover an enemy darker and older than any of earth.

The first episode is here:

The Planetary Romance is called LOST ON THE LAST CONTINENT.

Colonel Preston Lost is catapulted into the remote future of AD Two Hundred Million. The single remaining supercontinent of Pangaea Ultima remains above the waves. Mankind is nigh extinct, barbarism is rampant, and science is magic. Dwarfish posthumans called Grays maintain a dying oasis of cruel and tyrannical civilization by kidnapping humans from the far past.

Colonel Lost must fight he was from the slave pits to the sky pirates, past samurai and six-fingered giants, savages, mutants, and posthistoric monsters to destroy the Time Tesseract and preserve the innocent of every eon from the evil at the end of time.  

The first episode is here:

(The above link will go live after June 6th)
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