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I'm John Elias and I make videos and websites ( about the mind-boggling math found in the original manuscripts of the Bible and I'm hoping you can help. The number of discoveries in this long forgotten discipline has recently started exploding. But this subject matter needs well made videos and that's where you can help.

Ancient alpha-numerics or biblical gematria can be a tantalizing subject, but often times the mathematics require a graphic expression that only video or animation can truly express:

This 20 digit repeat cycle is a palindromic-37, the most important prime in biblical mathematics.

I began looking into this 'Totally-Obscure' subject matter, about 15 years ago and what I found there changed my life. Ever since I've been exploring deeper into the mathematics of the original manuscripts that make up the modern Bible. The more I looked, the more I found and the more I was convinced, that something very special was going on.

Having made a website ( with 1,000's of pages of evidence, I now hope to make more and more videos on the subject that reach more and more people. I try to make videos that are both watchable and intellectually-stimulating with as much high-production-value as possible.

I'm convinced that really good video can transform these obscure topics into fascinating journeys that everyone can come to appreciate and easily understand. Unfortunately, making high quality video is expensive and very time consuming, so I'm looking for patrons like you, who want to see more of this material, made in the right way.

Any amount at all will help and thank you so much!
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