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Greetings & thanks for visiting my Patreon page! 
My name is John Laurits & I am a writer of articles, stories, poetry, essays, & future books. Although my poems & stories have mostly been fermenting in obscurity, I've recently enjoyed some success as a kind of journalist & social commentator -- I am creating this Patreon profile with the hope of continuing that success.

Why I'm Asking You to Become a Patron

By pledging to donate even a small amount per month, you will be benefiting our society by supporting art & you will be helping me, your fellow human-being, to accomplish the work which I was born to do -- work, which I truly believe will ultimately be of value to civilization & to the world (also, you'll be helping me to not starve, which would be awesome).

In return for your assistance, I promise to spend every moment of my life, to the very best of my ability, working ever nearer to that perfection of creativity which every artist seeks -- whether it is by the pursuit of the sublime through poetry & story or by crafting conduits of knowledge in creative essays & articles.

So, how does this work?
If you'd like to become one of my patrons, simply enter the amount you feel inspired to pledge per month or select one of the amounts next to a reward-tier (a description of rewards is in the sidebar). You’ll then be charged monthly until you edit or cancel your pledge (which you can do, at any time). If you're unable to become a patron, that's alright! You can still help out by sharing my Patreon page on social media. 

What will this money go toward?
I believe in living simply & this money will not be going toward anything particularly fancy. I could list things like "rent" or "coffee" but the truth is this -- this money is buying my time. When my basic needs are met, I no longer have to sell hours of my days to corporations & I become free to focus all of my energy & time on the work that I love to do. Whenever I have that time, I immediately begin to produce all kinds of articles, stories, poetry, & essays, simply because that is what I do.

The truth is that I don't want riches -- I just want to make art & help people learn by writing. In order to do that, I need to be fed & clothed & sheltered -- that's all. Oh & also coffee. 

A Brief Bit About Me

Since I am, it seems, the beggar, I believe it's my duty to explain myself --: aside from my time spent studying philosophy in college & haphazardly traveling the world, my adult life has been an effort to strike some kind of balance between writing (which keeps me sane) & paying the bills (which keeps me alive). All of this trouble began years ago, when I suddenly & irrevocably understood: I must write or I will have wasted my life.

Being a poet with a degree in philosophy, however, turned out to be much, much less lucrative than one might expect. Luckily, after a dark period in which I wrote by night whilst laboring beneath the capitalist's whips, a series of articles I wrote about the democratic primaries went viral & I became a citizen-journalist, whose writing was popular enough to precipitate a small, donation-based income!

I wasn't making much but I was making enough to get by -- all while producing 26 articles/per-month & continuing to craft poetry & stories, at the same time. This is what I'd always wanted -- to write full-time, whether it's articles or poetry or stories, without having to worry about rent or how long I can live off of rice, alone! I can honestly say that these last months -- the ones in which I've been able to write full time -- have been the happiest of my life. I've learned, however, that journalists who make their income from donations are subject to the whims of world-events & the ebbs & flows of the public's interest in them -- because of this ebb & flow, I've decided to try my luck on Patreon, which brings the story to the present (which is where you come in)...

$95.88 of $1,000 per month
I've chosen $1,000 as the first goal that I'll work towards because, with that amount-per-month, I'll be able to sustain my living-situation, as well as keep myself fed, while having a few bucks per day for coffee-expenses so that I don't get kicked out of the cafe that I currently favor writing in. When I've reached this goal, I'll be able to focus 100% on writing, which will make it my "job" -- I'll be able to produce multiple articles or essays per week & continue the work on my poetry & upcoming novel.
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