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is creating artwork and a playing card game called Legends of Brutalia.




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About John Mohler

All of the earnings accrued by this Patreon account will be totaled out and donated to a non-profit charity of my choosing bi-monthly (the next time will be August 31st, 2019, if I happen to gain a lot of attention I will find the will to donate monthly); at the end of the current collection period, I will donate my Patreon's funds to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). For more information about the ACLU, visit

Basically, as I complete the 153 drawings I need for my playing card game, or any other pieces of artwork I create, I will upload/scan them in the highest quality possible here for your viewing pleasure and as a small incentive for you to keep donating if you believe in the same cause(s) as the charity I have chosen. I plan to be drawing part-time, three completed works per week, honestly, indefinitely..

It's all for the love of creation.

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