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is creating a better world for animals through social media activism
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About John Oberg

I’m John Oberg! I am an animal protection advocate and social media professional. I'm on Patreon to take our collective social media activism for animals to the limit

If you aren't familiar with Patreon, it's basically a value exchange. In my case, it's two-fold. When you become a monthly patron, you will (1) help take my social media game to the next level for animals to reach literally millions of more individuals with the plight of today's animals *and* (2) allow me to empower other activists movement-wide, from the organizational level to the grassroots level. Both in tactics and communication through my advocacy training videos, webinars, e-books, social media posts, and more. You'll also get a bunch of other benefits, listed below.

I’ve been part of the animal protection movement since 2009. I got my start living out of my car, traveling to hundreds of universities handing out vegan pamphlets in 35 US states and 5 Canadian provinces. Since 2014, I’ve become a social media expert in the animal rights community, first running the social media for Vegan Outreach and most recently for The Humane League. Photos and videos of impactful animal content that I posted to these pages have been seen over one billion times.

In December 2018, I decided to quit my job to pursue the avenue I know I can best contribute to animals and to my fellow activists: Focusing on full-time social media activism

I am here to empower you! To transform you into the best activist you can be on social media and beyond! Become a patron right now and you’ll get a ton of benefits and resources, like:

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From 2017 through 2018, I had a reach of over 60 million impressions on my Twitter page alone. As a result, I’m often receiving messages like the following:

If I can make this impact, so can you. This was achieved with just a few hours of my time each week. With my ability to now focus on this work full-time, I’m taking this to the next level to reach even more people to create a better world for animals. Making the entire animal protection movement more effective is my goal and with your patronage, we're going to accomplish that together. 

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