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Hey everyone!

I am starting a solo project! I think it's finally time to show the world how I see it; through my own songs. 

I am in need of some equipment and repairs; as I'm currently in the process of trying to record a demo EP from my apartment. Any help would be much appreciated! 

If you know me at all - you know I love music; creating it, playing it, recording it - anything having to do with music. I even work at a music shop (the BEST in the world) - Hickey's Music Center.

Music is my life, and I wouldn't be alive without it. Music is life.

I'm just a guy who wants to write songs, get together with some great people, make beautiful music, and bring some positivity into our world. 

I'm going to make this EP happen one way or the other; I am very determined to get something of my own out there - and feel like I'm climbing out of a musical rut, not to mention; just a bit of a rough start to my year! The creative juices are flowing, and I am ready to let them out and share them with all of you beautiful people.

I've met so many incredible people and fans through playing music throughout the years, and it has positively and profoundly changed my life - I want to give back to all of those who have supported me, and those who continue to. :)

Plus, reach more people - so hopefully we can make the beautiful spiritual connection of music, and to bring peace, understanding, and love into the world.

Thank you to all of those who have supported me, as fans, friends, and family - and who continue to; I appreciate any support from the bottom of my heart. I don't know where I'd be without you all! 

Any support is appreciated; even if it's just words! Anything that will help to get this music I have in my head - out into the world! 

Thank you, beautiful people. :)

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