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Here's The Thing. We have been assisting clients for the past 20 years with residency, citizenship, incorporations and banking in the Dominican Republic.  Prior to that I have worked on Wall Street for about 17 years as well (in various capacities). Based upon that, you can probably figure out my age and also gauge the years of experience. Over the years I have written a number of articles and have also have produced a newsletter that we had been doing for about 18 years now as well (and in fact the newsletter distribution list had grown exponentially over time, up to over 30,000 at one point, which we always did for FREE to all who subscribed). You can read some of our articles on this site and via the other links I have provided below for you.

But one thing many of our long terms clients and readers of our newsletters can attest to is, we have never, ever accepted any kind of paid advertising on our sites nor in the newsletter. No banner ads or pop up ads selling vitamins, rechargeable flash lights or anything else for that matter. And we do wish to keep it that way. What we do, what we have been doing has been indirectly or in part supported by our own clients.

However, I do realize that not everyone either has the financial capacity to become a client, and or perhaps in terms of relocation have another place in mind other than the Dominican Republic (which is fine). But, with that said, based upon reader feedback, we have been glad to hear over the years that people have found our articles and the newsletter to be helpful, informative and worthwhile.  But writing articles and producing content is a time consuming exercise.  In fact if you can do it well & often, it can be a full time job.

So, for those clients that have decided to utilize our firm for whatever services (assistance with the residency and citizenship process in the Dominican Republic for example) we do thank you. But, if for whatever reason you are not in a position to use our firm's services but still would like to support what we are writing and sending out in terms of information, I would ask for a small amount of support. And this is where PATREON comes in. Through Patreon, you can show your support and patronage by simply donating US$5 per month (or more if you like, I won't complain if more).

By doing so, you will allow us to continue writing and sending our information with the financial support we need to help defray our basic operating costs (and let's face it, HBO isn't free, neither are other monthly utilities, although I am not quite sure HBO can be considered a utility or necessity but you get the idea). In addition, I will certainly offer preference to those supporters that want to write in looking for answers to some specific questions (such as what are the highest paying and safest investments right now in the Dominican Republic).

So, in advance, thank you for your patronage, support and readership. We will keep writing and keep the information coming if you think it to be worthwhile. We will not divulge or share any client information, although you will get an automated confirmation from Patreon, but that will be the extent of it.

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For all of our readers or subscribers that are not clients of our legal or advisory services we are asking that you provide support via Patreon (if of course you think our articles & information to be helpful and worthwhile). It is our goal to reach as many people as possible and even just US$1 per month can add up and help offset (economically speaking) the cost & time to produce such content. Thank you all in advance !

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