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Thanx so much! All of my patrons have access to content not readily available to Youtube subscribers.
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Thanx that much more! You guys will be able to request free custom videos (just send 4 questions and I'll whip up a personal video) and  also get reduced priced mixing packages from Home Studio Trainer (
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per Home Studio Training videos
Thanx for the HUGE amount of support! You guys will not only be able to request videos and have access to content not readily available and mixing package discounts but you will also be able to request a FREE step-by-step mixing video on a song YOU recorded. Just send me the stems and I will create a custom video based on your song, offering opinions and suggestions and showing all the details of how I mixed your song. (limit 2 per subscription year)




per Home Studio Training videos


 I have more than 30 years experience as an independent singer\songwriter producer\engineer and I have been teaching and creating training videos for for nearly 15 years. But now it's time to move to the next level. My Patreon supporters will be helping me to upgrade equipment and video production tools I need to really provide high quality learning tools for all my faithful Patreon member, YouTube subscribers (over 12,000 now) and Home Studio Trainer site members, now well over 2,000 signed up members and climbing daily. With your help, I can then create the kind of training content everyone will find useful, weather you are just a beginner or a seasoned hobbyist looking to go full time.

And here's the big part. I will be taking requests and suggestions from all my supporters and creating the content YOU WANT!!! My Patreon supporters will get special content, heavily discounted mixing mastering services and a boat load of answers to questions that YOU ASK! So please support me with as much or as little as you can and things will just keep getting better.
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The goal this time is to purchase a few new components for the studio and one of which is the Presonus StudioLive Series III mixer. I get numerous requests for training on this but I have to turn them away every time. With it,  I can provide training and support for both Live uses and the coming DAW feature (Controlling Studio One) for all Home Studio Trainer members, Youtube Subscribers and HST Studio One Support Facebook members all over the world, looking for training and info on using one. I will also continue my strong support of Studio One and making sure all my members can get help and answers for all their Home Recording needs!
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