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About John0tron Fotos

As a creative, artistic and outgoing person, I've always been attracted to art and photography for as long as I could remember. Expression has always been my strongest point and being a Taurus, I've been too stubborn to steer away from what drives me. So I want to take my skill as a photographer and artist to others. I want to share my passion with those that aspire to do the same as me and to show the world what I love to do and what's been one of my favorite hobbies since I was just a child :)

I photograph many things, everything that compels you to look and stare in awe and wonderment. I am always looking for that new angle. The angle that we are too caught up in life and distracted to find ourselves, that angle that brings a spark or new level of excitement to life! Whether it's people, plants, animals, scenery or architecture; I am there to capture it. I am still growing as a photographer and by no means professional, however I will never stop seeking the opportunity to improve upon my skills and expertise. Here you will see pictures of all sorts, no filters, just me in my element, doing what I do best and hoping you all could enjoy my work just as much as I do! This is who I am and welcome to my page! ^//^

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Just to get my pictures out there and share them with those who enjoy photography as much as I do. To view all aspects of it and the metamorphosis of life through the view of a camera lens.
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