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The liberal media complex has unlimited funding to push false narratives, filter information, and spread propaganda to influence and miss-inform the masses even long after such narratives have been debunked. Tech giants like Google and Facebook have control of alternative flows of information and are engaging in the suppression of speech and information by developing algorithms to hide conservative content, boost liberal content, and demonetizing conservatives content producers. When all else fails, they target the advertisers of conservatives which only works because of those advertisers not being fully informed about where the public really stands and instead and given only false narratives/Information

Currently, liberals control almost all the flows of information both online and in traditional media. If we are to succeed in protecting our rights and the Republic, we need to fight back hard, we need not only to attempt dominating their platforms but also to build an infrastructure for conservatives and real information.

With your help, we can fight back. Your contributions will be used to fight back against false liberal narratives, provide education about vital issues, support the constitution, and help build out a conservative infrastructure.

With your help and financial support, both the frequency and quality of content produced can be drastically increased. Digital content (Website, Audio/Video Podcast, Books) are not the only areas in which your financial contributions will support. It will also support the creation of new social media platforms that will allow free speech, a competition to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter's dominance in the suppression public debate. Finally, your contributions will also provide the means to fight back against liberal attacks on advertisers of conservative shows. So long as there is no price they pay for conducting such actions, they will never stop.

Knowing the left, this will also include the need to have an attorney on hand to fight back against suppression attempts.

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