Joker is creating Joker Productions

Copper I

$1 /mo
The minimum donation level of $1 grants you access to the Patreon feed and you also have my eternal gratitude for your support.

Copper II

$3 /mo
Previously mentioned access to the Patreon feed and my gratitude. In addition you will also be able to view monthly vlog posts here to the Patreon that will be exclusive from Youtube and posted onc...

Bronze I

$5 /mo
Get mentioned in the monthly vlog! All donors at this tier will be mentioned in the monthly patreon vlog post that you can watch right here. All previous reward tiers also included.

Bronze II

$10 /mo
Bronze II members will receive a message with a private email address so you can email me with ideas for future content and games you would like to see covered on the channel. All previous tiers al...

Silver I

$20 /mo
Get followed back on Twitter! Following you on Twitter means I'll receive notifications every time you interact with me on there and it also opens up access to Twitter DM's. All previous tiers also...

Silver II

$25 /mo
Monthly mention on Twitter video. Once a month, I'll be sure to mention all Silver II donors in a post on Twitter in a short video. All previous tiers also included.


$50 /mo
Entry into a bi-monthly t-shirt drawing with other gold, platinum & diamond donors. I am currently working on multiple designs for my shop. Once there are a few designs up the winner will have ...


$100 /mo
Free Joker Productions t-shirt of your choosing from the shop (launching soon). All previous tiers included as well as the bi-monthly shirt drawing.


$250 /mo
Join me for a live podcast or Twitch stream. I'll leave the choice to you, but you can either sit down with me for a live episode of TGW on the main channel or on Twitch for a gaming session. All p...