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About Joleene Naylor

Greetings, vampire lover! Thank you for taking a look at Amaranthine Unlocked. Here you may find special alternate scenes, stories before they're published, and even every rough draft I write. How cool is that?

Let's get the basics out of the way.

Who am I: The creator of the Amaranthine Universe, a world of blood and night, where vampires don't sparkle. Here lots of side characters interweave into a fantastic tapestry that includes a novel series, short story collections, stand alone novels, and a future trilogy.

What do I want: I want you to come along on this vampire journey with me. I want to give you access to cool behind the scenes stuff, to let you read stories before anyone else, and most of all I want you to have a blast.

What am I doing: At the moment I'm finishing up the Tales of the Executioners short stories (which will go into a collection), and I'm getting ready to start a vampire road-trip novel that stars the foul mouthed Micah and his vampire friend, Loren. They're going to drive out to California, maybe rob some gas stations, run into at least one familiar - but unexpected - face, and maybe make it to the Pacific ocean.

What you get: The Amaranthine Unlocked posts - which focus less on promotion and more on the Amaranthine world itself - are free to all followers. To get access to the rest of the goodies, you need to sign up for the tier of your choice. Unlike most Patreon pages, I only have 2 - for 1$ a month you get listed in my thank you pages and get short stories before they're published, and for 5$ a month you get access to everything I write, as I write it! Okay, not the minute I write it. I need to copy and paste it, but you'll have it by the next morning.

Money? So what am I going to do with the money from this project? I'm going either invest it back into my writing (like paying for expo tables or stock photos) or do cool things like buy paint for my house, pay the dog's vet bills, hopefully hire someone to cut down that dying tree in the front yard... Or I might go to the movies. Just think, your special writing preview might be the difference between me seeing Harry Potter Spin-off Number 72 or staying home to watch the plaster crack.  

If you're interested in seeing more of my work, you can check out my website at 

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 75 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 75 exclusive posts

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