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Jon Kelly is an international clinician and world famous speech analyst who released key intelligence pertaining to the Iraq War two years in advance of the “Shock and Awe” strikes against Baghdad in 2003. As a former feature producer for CBS Radio with experience in #1-rated US television, his work exploring consciousness, communications, the paranormal and UFO phenomena have been featured in Huffington Post, USA Today, Dallas Morning News, Florida Today, Wall Street Journal, Irish Independent, UC Irvine Today, Coast to Coast AM, Fox News, CBS Radio and Television, CBC, BBC London, Deutschlandradio Berlin, AOL News, UFO Digest and

Jon’s online streaming on-demand video class “UFOs and You: Experiential Contact for Beginners” provides essential insights into Disclosure, UFO Communications, Psychic Dimensions of Contact and Night Vision Equipment in a way that students describe as informative, educational and riveting. His Google News-syndicated column the Vancouver UFO Examiner broke the story of Edward Snowden’s UFOs in 2013 (over nine months before the Intercept) and is consistently top-ranked among technology writers.

Jon’s YouTube channel features highlights from original independent research that has produced dozens of hours of UFO video from expeditions to Roswell NM, Stephenville, Marfa and Dallas TX, Vancouver and the British Columbia Okanagan region. His ongoing studies as a principal videographer at the ECETI Ranch in the Columbia River Basin include production of exclusive daylight color, daylight infrared, starlight color and night vision video.

As a night vision sports optics consultant Jon supports clients throughout the world with equipment from leading manufacturers including Pulsar. As an international clinician specializing in decrypting and interpreting unconscious speech communications Jon has responded to the call of science for improved methods of UFO witness interrogation by revealing the UFO and extraterrestrial secrets of Kenneth Arnold, Betty Hill, NASA astronauts, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and President Obama. Jon’s work in sound and consciousness is heavily influenced by a multi-decade immersive study in classical yoga meditation and clients cite Jon’s expertise, integrity and creativity in delivering results not often reached by standard therapeutic approaches.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

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I'm a clinician in private practice and an investigative journalist whose studies in communications, consciousness, UFOs and paranormal phenomena have received widespread international media attention through radio, television and newspapers since the beginning of the 21st century.

Recent highlights from my studies include identifying the UFOs in Edward Snowden's NSA archives before they became public knowledge as well as broadcasting the first live UFO incidents in YouTube history. In 2014 my sense of adventure takes me back to the UFO Canyon in British Columbia and the ECETI Ranch near Mt. Adams, Washington along with ongoing contact events in Vancouver for more incredible encounters and documentation.

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I publish an average of four videos per month on an as-available basis and am currently writing my first book as well as producing a feature-length documentary drawing upon the wealth of unique information and artifacts in my extensive audio and video archives. I hope to reach completion for these projects in 2014 and set the stage to develop both into ongoing series.

The substantial body of articles and videos in my Examiner column and YouTube channel along with my long-standing presence as a popular guest on talk radio demonstrates a sincere commitment to providing free public access to information and educational resources.

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