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About Jon Merchant

Meet the artist


  Welcome! My name is Jon, and I'm an Artist / Illustrator from Ontario, Canada. I have been drawing all my life, but I'm always experimenting with new mediums and styles. Here you will find a bit of everything I'm working on, including drawings, paintings, books, comics, card games and whatever other crazy things I might find myself doing.

   I grew up on 80's music, Transformers, Blade Runner and Alien. That being said, you'll probably notice my love for sci-fi, cyberpunk, comics and other campy influences here and there.

Why Patreon?

   For years, everything I created was kept behind closed doors, but now I hope to show you everything I'm working on, so you can be part of the experience and provide your thoughts and input on my current project. Having your support and feedback gives me the creative and financial freedom to delve into these projects that otherwise would've never seen the light of day.

   Patrons get access to exclusive sketches, process work, finished illustrations, print-and-play game designs, prints, and whatever else I am cooking up at the moment. Your pledge goes directly towards keeping me chained to my desk so I can make new things!

What am I working on now?

   At any given time I will have (too) many projects on the go. I do multiple drawing and painting commissions every year, as well as some freelance illustration doing book and CD covers, card games, etc... But I have been dying to devote more time to my personal projects and make these a priority again, and Patreon is a great platform to let people into my crazy world and help support me along the way.

  I have been really passionate about developing card games for the last couple years, and I released my first two card games called Empire of Swords and The Ludus! on website. I'll be developing prototypes, packaging, artwork and a bunch of other things that you'll be able to see along the way.

   I'll also be posting my fine art pieces in pastel, watercolour, oils, some fan art, and maybe some enamel pins, print-and-play card games and other cool things I can think of along the way.

How it Works

As a Patron, you can can pledge ANY amount you are comfortable with. Once you are signed up, you get access to all previous posts and rewards right away. When I post new content, you get notified and can come check it out! 

Thanks so much for your support! :D

In the meantime if you can't support on Patreon right now, I totally understand!
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