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About Jonah Lobe

Welcome, Friends!

My name is Jonah Lobe - I'm a game designer, an illustrator, a teacher and a writer.  If you know Skyrim and Fallout, then you're familiar with some of my work.  For years, I made world-eating dragons, deathclaws, giants, bloodbugs, draugr, molerats, supermutants, all kinds of armor and a suite of weapons. Now, I'm making art for myself... and you.

The greatest treasure for any creative is freedom.  By joining my Patreon, you'll not only gain access to my work, ideas, and behind-the-scenes world-building, you'll be granting me the gift of freedom.  Thank you.

Now let me share the fruits of that gift with you.

The most exclusive tiers are yet to come (I am very excited about those, but I'm focused for the moment on getting this Patreon up-and-running), but I'm starting with two:
  • The Glowstones: For you lovely individuals who simply want to explore the weird insides of my mind.
  • The Creators:  For the more artistic types, hungry for high-resolution work and curious about my process.

Join me, friend!  Our journey together has only just begun...
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In just a few weeks, you'll be seeing a steady release of narrated Youtube process videos from me, but if I've got a hundred patrons signed up, I can hire a video editor to help me release longer, higher-quality tutorials and inspirational videos!
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