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About Jonathan Brinkley

***Please visit to see more of what I'm up to these days.***

Welcome, internet! Thanks for visiting my Patreon site. I'm committing to writing one song every week from now on, and sharing the details of that process exclusively with YOU, my supporters.

Is that a huge challenge? Yes it is! I'm asking more of myself than ever with this commitment. Whatever I create each week, I will share it with you. Whether I feel great or queasy about it, I will let you know. And, I always want your feedback. Most of it is going to be awesome.

Not only will I write and record these songs, I will bring them to you personally! My partner Jennifer, my 4-year-old son Luca, and I have acquired a travel trailer and will be touring around the United States frequently. Fueled by Patreon support, we will play house concerts, yoga studios, and conventional clubs.

I've dedicated my whole life to making music that penetrates hearts and minds, even as it entertains. Ideally, by revealing what is true for me I can uncover something that's true for others too. That point of connection is what I live for, and it's one piece of what I believe can heal the world. These are songs about the truth behind the truth--our deepest motivations and fears--and how the speaking of those things brings everyone closer to understanding and balance.

This Patreon page is the next step in my highest goal to deliver these ideas to the widest audience yet. A simple action YOU can take to help propel the music forward is to become a member! I came to Patreon because I've seen the power of tiny actions by many people do powerful things--in art, science, and politics. I'm excited for you to be along for the journey!

Thanks for taking this leap with us. I can't wait to see what unfolds.


Jonathan, Jennifer, and Luca

$88.20 of $200 per new song
New gear! At the $200 per song level, I can start to replace some of the gear I've been using for too many years and do some maintenance of that which is worth keeping.

Wish List:
MacBook Pro with portable recording software - $2,000
Electric Piano - $1,000
Amplifier - $300

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