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  • Every transcription instrumental part score (.PDF)
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About Jonathan Shaw

I am a composer and sound designer uploading hundreds of free sound effects to "Freesound", as well as composing and arranging various musics, including orchestral transcriptions and arrangements of video game music uploaded to my YouTube channel, "TandA":

All of the scores I transcribe are freely downloadable on my website for educational and non-profit use, including the instrumental part scores, with which performers and orchestras can put on performances of these magnificent video game works that deserve far more recognition in the concert scene.

A recent transcription:

The 700+ sound effects I have currently uploaded for free use on "Freesound" 
have been used in thousands of projects worldwide, helping students and professionals alike in fulfilling their artistic visions and completing their projects. Similarly, as a voluntary moderator of "Freesound", I aid in moderating the hundreds of new sound effects that are uploaded to the site every day.

Where does your pledge go?
Your pledge will help me to continue dedicating time to these increasingly time-consuming projects and to expand upon them through additions such as:
  • Higher quality software (e.g. virtual instruments, digital audio workstations, plugins)
  • Higher quality sound recorders and microphones
  • Website domain fees

As a special thank you, all of my Patron tiers offer access to the dynamically expanding "InspectorJ's Expanding Library" - a royalty-free sound effects library with a new sound added every Sund- ... uh... every "Sounday"! As well as a range of other benefits!

Thank you eternally for your support!
-Jonathan Shaw
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