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Even the small donations you make, mean the world to me. It tells me you like my content enough to where you want to help me pursue my music. The financial support I get from you helps me protect my songs.




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About Josephine De Smet

I'm a 24 year old singer-songwriter on youtube. The songs I write pop into my head at very inconvenient times. I write songs mainly using MIDI technology which gives me the freedom to work with any instrument I prefer. Besides that I experiment with my voicelive 3, an effect machine meant for live performances though I use it for adding harmonies, etc. to my songs. 

I'm not a professional, you'll see... But with my songs I hope give a voice to people that don't have one or think they don't and inspire them to live their life to the fullest, for them, not for anyone else.

By donating even 1$ you say "I enjoy your content enough to where I want to help you succeed".

Why would you donate to me?
Any donations you make will be invested in singer-songwriter related things:

  • new gear;
  • my channel;
  • hopefully one day an EP or single;
  • but first: protecting my song, which costs at least €1200 every 5 years, the more I write, the more I need to protect, the more I have to pay.

What's in it for you?
Depending on the tier you go for, there are several rewards attached to each tear... from a simple thank you note, to access to exclusive content that you don't see on my youtube channel, a Skype call with me, me reviewing your songs, etc.

Where youtube will be more serious - as everyone is able to watch that - Patreon will be more personal. Having this kind of "closed- off", exclusive space allows me to be able to be more honest about the stories behind my songs, and on the other hand to have more fun. I want to be taken seriously. But I'm also way too weird for that so that part goes here.

This is me, for real.
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A first goal as a try out. Since I'm new on Patreon and need to learn how to manage this profile, it might take a while for me to reach this.
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