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$5 or more per month patrons
  • Get invited to our Jepsquad Discord chat! This is a place for viewers of the channel to hang out and have a good time

  • Jepsquad game nights with Josh and other viewers in the Discord! Sometimes on stream!

  • You'll also get access to other fun goodies that I release to just Patrons!

+ If you upgrade to a higher tier you get all the rewards from the lower tiers every month!

Includes Discord rewards
$10 or more per month patrons
  • You'll get access to an exclusive video every week!

+ All the rewards from the Jepsquad tier!

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$20 or more per month patrons
  • Your name or username will be featured in a credits sequence during every stream I do live on Twitch and in a credits sequence at the end of every youtube video during the endslate!

+ All the rewards from Exclusive and Jepsquad tiers!

Includes Discord rewards
$50 or more per month patrons
  • Get access to a secret text channel within the Jepsquad Discord. Here we will devise new memes, new merch designs, new game night ideas with the top supporters!

  • Secret voice channel where Josh (and Brooke sometimes) will be hanging out within this secret area of the Discord server!

  • Grants you nickname changing ability in the Jepsquad Discord Server!

  • Weekly first-come first-serve round table to discuss your ideas for the community!

+ All the rewards from Spotlight, Exclusive, and Jepsquad tiers.

Includes Discord rewards
$100 or more per month patrons
  • You are a LEGEND! You will get a personal shout-out at the start of every JoshJepson video and Live Stream!

  • You will be added to a personal Discord friend group where you'll have direct access to asking for advice and tips on how to run a YouTube or Twitch channel from Josh and Brooke! We'll even take a look at some of your content and give you personalized feedback!

 + All the rewards from Spotlight, Exclusive, Jepsquad and Elite tiers. 

Includes Discord rewards