is creating Youtube content! Soundtrack analysis and Music!
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Bread Bassist
per month

The bread is the foundation of the Joshburger, so is the bass to all music. And for this:

-You'll have access to the sheet music I work on!

- I'll let you know if I need artwork to be done (that YOU can submit!) that i can feature in my videos (with credit)!

- Your name will be included in my video descriptions!

Burger Drummer
per month

The burger is the reason the Joshburger exists, and music historically started with drums. For this:

- You'll have previous tier benefits.

- I will thank you in my videos' end screen! Your name will be included!

 - You'll have access to behind-the-scenes content, scripts and bloopers!

Bacon Guitarist
per month

The bacon brings character to the Joshburger, and the guitarist brings soul to the music. For this:

- You'll have previous tier benefits.

- I will accept video requests from you (because I <3 you)




per month

About Joshburger

Do you love music?
Do you have an unhealthy obsession with RWBY?
You're in the right place!
I'm here to analyse RWBY music, talk about RWBY (without the music) and also do music (without the RWBY).
My content is also posted on youtube: Joshburger!
$29 of $50 per month
I'll start up a series of guitar/piano/drums tutorials for RWBY's soundtrack!
Think of it as a "Thank you" for helping me save up for my education <3
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