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Feed a Porg!
$1 or more per alien 18 patrons
Hey, thanks! I'm so glad Patreon realized they value you like I do!
Information Flow
$2 or more per alien 22 patrons
Every time I create something for xenoglyph, I'll get you an update so you know it's coming! You'll have access to online high-res files, process photos and most importantly, you'll be able to ask me leading questions for me to answer with future art!
Imaginary Loot Box
$3 or more per alien 76 patrons
You'll get completed xenoglyph compilations in eReader-friendly formats so you can read them on your eReader, tablet, or device of your choosing! They'll be designed for the medium, using my full faculties as a book designer, so they'll be highly legible and thoughtfully designed. 

You'll also get a PDF of Shock:Social Science Fiction and Shock:Human Contact PDFs so you can play with these kinds of ideas with your friends!

Often, these include bonus material, from game experiments to process drawings and artist's notes!

Worlds Within Worlds
$10 or more per alien 6 patrons
Worldbuilding advice! I'll chat with everyone at this level for up to an hour a month on how to build worlds for your roleplaying games, novels, comics, or whatever! When you want to do it, drop me a line and we'll set a time to talk shop!
Shared World
$20 or more per alien 2 patrons
Mutual creator support! You want to make sure another project (yours or someone else's) is getting support? I'll help! Subject to editorial discretion, I'll post on the xenoglyph blog and on a page in each eBook. I'm particularly excited to share other independent projects! You'll get all of the xenoglyph eBook content, of course, and I'd love you in on any Worldbuilding Advice hangouts!