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Feed a Porg!

$1 /creation
Hey, thanks! I'm so glad Patreon realized they value you like I do!

Information Flow

$2 /creation
Every time I create something for xenoglyph, I'll get you an update so you know it's coming! You'll have access to online high-res files, process photos and most important...

Imaginary Loot Box

$3 /creation
You'll get completed xenoglyph compilations in eReader-friendly formats so you can read them on your eReader, tablet, or device of your choosing! They'll be designed for t...

Worlds Within Worlds

$10 /creation
Worldbuilding advice! I'll chat with everyone at this level for up to an hour a month on how to build worlds for your roleplaying games, novels, comics, or whatever! When you want ...

Shared World

$20 /creation
Mutual creator support! You want to make sure another project (yours or someone else's) is getting support? I'll help! Subject to editorial discretion, I'll post on the xenogly...