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My name's Joshua baughman.

I offer spiritual direction for those who've grown up confined to belief system's they might not feel comfortable with, that don't jive with their intuition, and need guidance in how to create a sacred alliance with the universal mystery of nature once again.

This can be done with or without your religion, it is irrelevant because my guidance doesn't intend on providing you with an Alternate belief system, but a way to get in tune with the universal spirit that manifest throughout all religion

I am also a functional medicine practitioner with extensive training in classical herbalism, and I offer teaching and case consultation within this scope as well.

Anyhow, a little about me...

My life has been quite an emotional and physical rollercoaster from the time I landed earth-side, with many ups and downs in my quest toward seeking truth, which lead me to the holistic healing arts in my late teens as I struggled to understand and deal with so much going on in my life. 

I started my journey over a decade ago with shamananism in the peruvian jungle, spending time in peru with the shipibo tribe, learning many aspects of how to address the body as a whole through physical, spiritual, and herbal technique.

But this left me hungry for more, as the more I learned, the more I realized I didn't know.

This lead to a further interest in nutrition and functional medicine as healing modalities, which lead to me going to College and first achieving a degree in dietetics from the University of Alabama, and from there I completed my masters in applied clinical nutrition at New York Chiropractic College, which I chose because it has an emphasis on holistic nutrition and functional medicine.

Throughout these many years, I've also spent countless hours dedicated to studying psychoanalysis  and jungian/archetypal psychology, as well as traditional Eastern philosophies with an emphasis on traditional Chinese medicine, using the 5 element style primarily.

Join me on my journey to understanding, healing, and helping each other heal from this crazy world we live in today!

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