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About Joshua Schardt

My name is Joshua Schardt and I'm a blogger and aspiring youtuber, twitcher and podcaster.  I enjoy writing these tutorials and making twitch streams, youtube videos and vlogs, and podcasts revolving around teaching people how to become more accustomed to the everyday technology they own, playing video games and showing you what I do in everyday life.

A quick patreon explanation:

I'm actually excited to be a creator on this platform.  Something I really believe in.  I think it is not only BRILLIANT but AWESOME.  Please consider giving me 10 dollars (or whatever you can afford) a creation to help me bring value to you.

Where your money goes

Sometimes the creation of these tutorials gaming streams and vlogs comes at a price: be it memory usage, overloading the server, or not enough storage.  Sometimes I want to add new technology to my website, and sometimes I want to create this stuff for you guys on the go.  But still it's out of my pocket.  If you're low on money please under any circumstances don't become my patron and don't feel obligated to support my work this way either.  Any content I make will remain free whether or not you donate.

My goal with these tutorial articles, youtube videos and someday podcasts is to teach people how to become more accustomed to the technology they use.  What I'll be teaching in this Boot Camp of mine will be things ranging from DVD Backup and lip dub creation to Facebook and youtube.

I have a Tech Tutorial Boot Camp blog and youtube channel that I've been running since who knows how long.  I won't count the views from me but my channel has no subscribers.  Soon I will have a podcast up and running.

You might think I'm some sort of technology expert well I am but my aim is to teach everyday technology.

I also have a let’s play and vlogs channel but soon will have a twitch channel and those are mainly for playing video games and showing you guys what I do in everyday life.

Here are some awesome rewards I think you might enjoy:

$10 a creation:  You get access to my personal Youtube Videos on my personal brand channel

$20 a creation:  Everything above plus you get to request tutorials in a patrons-only forum I created with bbPress.

$30 a creation: Everything above plus you get credited in the Tutorials videos, vlogs, gaming streams, story times, rants and unboxings I create.

$40 a creation: everything above plus if you’re a gamer you’ll get to participate in a streaming LAN party on Mixer twitch and YouTube.
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