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Building Emotional Power and Resilience
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The joy Triangle Model offers a visual cheatsheet to help people quickly navigate through fear to discover the incredible emotional power hidden inside of us.  Instead of shutting us down, fear becomes the jet fuel for creative achievement.  

Rehabilitate Local Justice Systems Now
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Learn how a non-profit group of Whatcom County citizens has decided to take on the task of turning around the jail and prison industry growth plan.  My personal goal, as a civic leader, is to reverse mass incarceration business habits, by replacing that unsustainable economic model with restorative economic business models that invest in people, not prisons.  

As President of the Restorative Community Coalition for nine years, I did intense fieldwork and led investigative research into the trends and business practices of the school-to-jail-to-prison pipeline.  We found disturbing trends.  In short, we found that the justice system had a 40 year practice of over-criminalizing and over-incarcerating non-violent people and expanding the jail occupancy load, even as arrests were dropping substantially.

Further study shows how the jail building real estate industry, and the privateering businesses that provide jail and prison services were big drivers of the demand for jails.  This is a contrarian industry - a business model that is fed by flawed motives, by an addiction to taxes, and the bigger it gets, the more abusive and self-destructive it becomes to the community.  

In this program, you will receive access to key documents that diagram the history of discovering the nature of the industry as well as the original 2015 Taxpayers Report called "Stop Punishing Taxpayers, Start Rebuilding Community" I wrote to help the community see that there were economic, social and real world business alternatives to the criminalizing of people.   This is a visionary look at what the community can do instead - invest in people first, not jails and prisons.  in short it is a better return on investment of taxpayers dollars.  This is a compendium of resources that were included to inspire leadership from all segments of the community.

You will also receive a copy of the Noble Cause Corruption Report, timelines, maps and charts that diagram the process of uncovering the historical problems our community faces and how we voted down jail taxes twice and are working in real time to solve the problems in community.  

This is about civic innovation, leadership transformation, and economic renewal.  I use the Joy Triangle Model as for storytrapping the problem, and as the basis for how to analyze,  diagram, map out and eventually build a roadmap to solve the meta-systemic issues that are complex and deeply entangled across multiple social and civic layers of community business practices.  

You will be able to see and unravel the challenges we have faced, learn how we overcame them, and then work with us in real time to continue to implement alternatives as we do civic masterminds in community.  




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I am passionate about helping people blaze new trails, to break through complex social, civic or economic problems that have had them stumped, polarized and frustrated. It is fun to help them safely diagram the situation, then release the emotional rigidity and fear, so they can being the process of discovery as they sniff around to find the hidden opportunities that are aching to be tapped into. .

I feel the thrill when people take control of their lives, take off any self-imposed blinders and start seeing problems as opportunities. They are able then to begin building the scaffolds that create bridges. They learn to link resources and unusual people together into working teams that get busy blazing new trails into the future.

My talent is not telling people what to do, it is to show them how they can do it using field tested leadership tools that I have developed over 40 years of coaching people of all kinds how to achieve more – even when they think hey have less. When we add ingenuity with desire and a toolkit with blueprints they create all new solutions.

It is fun to inspire people to take charge of the situation, and I prefer that people “learn by doing it” when they work with me, because I love the novel, the new, the challenge of figuring out tough issues in a way that new ideas emerge.

As host of the new podcast series, "JoyTalks: Civics" Joy uses her skills along with new high performance leadership tools to help local people - activists, civic leaders, enterprising people - diagram, recognize, and then transform complex community problems into all new opportunities that optimize resources and maximize collaboration.

Joy found that mentoring people in real world situations is far more effective than lecturing. She learned that simple field tools are needed to help people stay centered in the highly complex and creative void of civic transformation. From a background of being successful in progressive business environments, Joy has developed, field tested, and refined:
1.Methods to help others confront emotional trauma, transcend their fears, and tap into their own unexplored emotional power as they let go of the past, heal natural conflicts caused by emerging desires, and establish new visions for themselves.

2.Tools to help people see how they can expand their capacity to trailblaze in their own lives; to see how fast things are moving around them, so they can adapt to changes and trends quickly and easily.

3.Techniques that help people personally manage higher level leadership roles and learn how to navigate civic problems successfully (even in public) even under stress, pressure and duress inevitably caused by resistance.
The fact is that the volume of high speed change is real. Pressure builds up and distress compounds and must be worked with productively. Converging trends cause quantum leaps in the marketplace, and many business and civic systems are under pressure to transform themselves.

It is time now for Joy to bring her products to market, and to do this there will be multiple releases of products in three product Series:

Series 100 - Self-Leadership tools are for developing personal resilience, emotional excellence, and the capacity to tap into our inner "procreative intelligence" to fulfill your destiny and find happiness inside.

Series 200 - Enterprising Leadership models are for marketplace trendsetters and entrepreneurs to use out in the void of creative exploration, as they are pioneering new thought, transforming industries, inventions and ideas.

Series 300 - Civic Leadership systems technologies are for opinion leaders and people of influence who move swaths of people to tackle large scale, deep challenges that society faces today. It takes meta, macro, and micro systems analysis and deep thinking to turnaround destructive economic, social, business or civic trends and evolve our communities into whole-brained, living systems.

By way of background, Joy is the author of hundreds of trade articles, sales tools, manuals and newsletters for entrepreneurs as well as investigative articles for business and civic issues. Over 40 years in coaching and training business leaders, she has produced group seminars, webinars, audio trainings, workshops, leadership and trade conferences and educational DVD's.

Joy is a member of CEO-SPACE International, graduated from the Peak Potentials Quantum Leap program, is certified in DSHEA among other trade skills. Joy was top producer and business consultant in the networking industry during the 90’s. Joy has been the President of the Restorative Community Coalition for nine years, was a candidate for Whatcom County Executive, and has held many positions in other non-profit civic, professional and social organizations.

You can go to for her bio, curriculum vitae and more background about her as a mother, activist, social change leader, and to learn about the projects she is currently pioneering. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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