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About Jude Harpstar

Hi StarPatrons! 

My name is Jude Harpstar and I am here to create a colorful world of music, videos and live shows to transport you to another realm of beauty, excitement, entertainment and imagination.

My journey started at a very young age and as far back as I can remember, I've been expressing myself through music, dance and visual art. I have a burning desire to create and to manifest the magic of the universe.

At the age of 17, I won a full scholarship to the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy in the U.S. I spent 7 years in the United States, studying and performing with some of the most incredible and respected artists/musicians in the world. I attended Oberlin Conservatory and California Institute of the Arts and upon my return to South Africa, immersed myself in various exciting projects and performances. 

I'm classically trained, I improvise, I compose, I produce, I sing, I play the piano and I love creating mandalas, dancing, and all things performance!

I am at the start of my career and have so many exciting paths and genres I would like to explore! With your help, this journey can grow faster and with greater energy, spread across the world.  

Please visit my website for more information: 

Join me in my journey through the magic that is music.

With love and gratitude,

Jude Harpstar

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Equipment for Performing Live Shows; Amplified speakers, portable stage piano, small mixer, vocals microphone, vocals effects processor, instrument effects pedals, D.I box and cables.
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